C通信 132: Orizuru 帰還したオリヅル号

Returning to the three-dimensional world, the spaceship Orizuru is amazed at the unhidden nature of the stones. Each of the stones exposes particles, telling the story of what happened under the ground and at the bottom of the ocean for a …

C通信 131: Human-Rabbit ひとウサギ

The human-rabbits in the kotatsu are still whispering to each other. こたつのひとウサギたちはまだヒソヒソ話をしている。

C通信 128: Memory of the eye 目の記憶

The last thing seen, before death, remains on the island of memory. Fragments of the world left behind in Bodies. 死の前の、最後に見たものが記憶の島には残っている。ボディーに残された世界の断片。

C通信 127: Memory of hands 手の記憶

When violence was still in our hands, our hands were also inscribed with many lukewarm and horrific memories. Over time, the hands have been linked to many devices that have stolen their memories and placed them under another kind of viole…

C通信 126: Memory of a dog 犬の記憶

A person is in the dog's memory. A four-legged dog walks at least 20 steps while a bipedal person walks five steps, so a dog would think that people are slow-moving. Dogs do not think, they just walk, walk and stop. Then it looks at t…

C通信 125: Memory Island 4 記憶島 4

   Memory is not an image. It comes from a billion years away, whispering from a corner of the hippocampus. It is the murmur of the dead. 記憶はイメージではない。億年のかなたから、海馬の片隅から囁くようにやってくる。それは死者のつぶやきだ。

C通信 123: Memory Island 2 記憶島 2

The memories of destruction and massacres are also layered on the memories of the end of a bloody evolution. The memories of suicide plane crashes, the memories of the earthquake and the memories of war are mixed together to torment these …

C通信 122: Memory Island 1 記憶島 1