Ghosts of the Future (2017)


The theme of surface and depth also brings up the question of time: the present (traces of paint on the surface) and the past (photographic images of the past painted on the base).
Ghosts of the Future” questions the time of now. The future, as seen by those people at a certain point in the past, is the present where we are now, and in the same way, we exchange gazes with people in the future, many years from now, when more time will have passed. As the dead.

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2015 / 33.3×24.3cm / oil on canvas


2015 / 45.5×45.5cm / oil on canvas

With My Father,My Mother and My Brother,1954

2015 / 60.6×60.6cm / oil on canvas

Japanese Coiffure,1942

2015 / 33.3×24.3cm / oil on canvas

My Mother at the School of Nursing,1943

2016 / 60.6×60.6cm / oil on canvas

Boat in Lake Kawaguchiko,1953

2016 / 116.7×116.7cm / oil on canvas

Baby’s First Bath,1948

2016 / 130.3×130.3cm / oil on canvas

Schoolgirl (My Mother’s Older Sister) Around 1938

2016 / 116.7×116.7cm / oil on canvas

Yumiko and Her Mother,1957

2015 / 63x63cm / oil on canvas


2016 / 13.3x97cm / oil on canvas

Commemorative Photo,1941

2016 / 181.8×227.3cm / oil on canvas


2016 / 194x194cm / oil on canvas

Entrance Ceremony of Elementary School,1963

2016 / 194x194cm / oil on canvas

The Living and the Dead,1930-2017

2017 / 324.3×324.3cm / oil on canvas

Children of Amami,1970

2017 / 162x162cm / oil on canvas

28 Years-Old Yumiko,1985

2016 / 162x162cm / oil on canvas

School Trip to the Great Buddha of Kamakura,1966

2016 / 227.3×181.8cm / oil on canvas

Family of Edajima Kyohoji,1930

2017 / 227.3×181.8cm / oil on canvas

The Blind Old Woman,1969

2017 / 194×130.3cm / oil on canvas