C通信 123: Memory Island 2  記憶島 2

C通信 123: Memory Island 2 記憶島 2


The memories of destruction and massacres are also layered on the memories of the end of a bloody evolution. The memories of suicide plane crashes, the memories of the earthquake and the memories of war are mixed together to torment these dead. The memory of the massacre is also indelible. The dead keep them in their own bodies and sometimes try to hand over their feelings to the living, but the living refuse to see them as something that has passed away. So the dead try to make the island of memory float forward.

血みどろの進化のはての記憶に破壊、虐殺の記憶も層になる。 特攻機の墜落、震災の記憶、戦争の記憶が混じりあってこの死者を苦しめる。虐殺の記憶も消えない。死者はそれを自らのボディーに閉じ込め、ときおり生者にその感情を引き渡そうとするが、生者は過ぎ去ったものとして見ようとしない。だから死者は記憶の島を前のほうに浮かび上がらせようとする。