In the 1980s, Nagasawa was confronted with the formality of painting. It was a square screen, the surface of which was covered with paint, and without regard to the form, there could be no free development. Of course, because it was a painting, some kind of illusion was possible, but the baptism of formality was so strong that it did not allow for such “free” development. This contradiction is best illustrated by a series of paper cutouts he produced in the early 1980s. Although the colored paper is pasted according to a certain system and is not arbitrary, a certain illusion or image is created. This contradiction became the starting point of the paintings.

Small paintings (80’s-90’s)



Large & Small, Far and Near  (2000s)

Membrane (2000s-2010s)

Painting on Painting (2010s)

Surface and Depth : Ghost (2010s)

Ghosts of the Future(2010s)