These are my works in watercolor.
My theme of those works is “surface and the depth”, and I tried to express it in watercolor.
 At first I spread different watercolors on the paper using water.
After drying, I placed the dots from small to large, making a spiral.
These dots are clearly put on the surface of the paper and they begin to en the vague figure goes away from the surface.
New images appear within the dots and vague colors.

 I was inspired by the works of SOTATSU, a famous artist of the Edo period.
This painting, so called Japanese painting, is composed of the classical Japanese poem and painting on paper.
The black characters of the poem are on the surface, and the thinly painted figures are at the background of the painting.
 I found surface and depth in the old master’s works.
It stimulated me to make my own works in watercolor.