The points of Godzilla Exhibition

The points of Godzilla Exhibition


The points of Godzilla Exhibition:

1. “Little Godzilla” were born out of the 3.11 disaster in 2011. They are invisible.
Just imagine what is invisible.

2. Break through the real wall by using your imagination.


3. What is creation? What does it mean to create artworks?
Think of Godzilla going back to its starting point. (This exhibition shows the work of children, students and artists together.)

4. Connect the creation with history. Understand the relation between Godzilla and the weight of history behind its birth in 1954, and see the future of children from now and the past.

5. Bring back Godzilla that celebrates its 60th anniversary, which I renamed “Big Godzilla”.

6. Think of the difference between the realism of the film made in U.S. and Japan. Look at the originality of Kigurumi !


7. Seek possibilities for art after the 3.11disaster.

8. Allow art to run parallel with the daily life (the fact of life), not the culture.
Stop pushing art into a context within itself.