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Ghosts of the Future

English 2017 06 26

Hideyuki NAGASAWA – translated by Jaime Humphreys A photo of my parents. Both my mother, who was 26 when the p・・・

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Dialogue : Is it possible to communicate with the dead?

English 2015 10 26

Is it possible to communicate with the dead?Even if impossible in a physical sense, is it not possible to brin・・・

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Surface and Depth

English 2015 05 31

I’m interested in surface and depth within painting. Let me explain the process I use to make my paintings. Fi・・・

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English 2014 11 08

 All human figures that appear in paintings are ghosts. They are images of the dead. Why is it that paintings ・・・

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Godzilla Exhibition – Big Godzilla, Little Godzilla

English 2014 02 10

  BIG GODZILLA, LITTLE GODZILLA  GODZILLA was born in 1954 as the monster of the film of the same name, a・・・

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The exhibition ; Psychic Room

English 2013 08 03

 It consists of my drawings, and interpretations that were written by my students.I asked them to write down w・・・

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English 2013 06 18

 These are my works in watercolor.My theme of those works is “surface and the depth”, and I tried to express i・・・

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Hideyuki Nagasawa: Rich paintings of infinite layers / Kazuhiro Yamamoto

English 2010 09 09

Hideyuki Nagasawa is an artist who definitely emphasizes the touch and stroke of paint, or mati?re, in his wor・・・

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